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Northport Fisheries has been delivering high-quality, high-demand North Pacific seafood to wholesale distributors, retail and restaurant customers for more than two decades. We take great pride in our mission of providing each customer with exceptional seafood, timely information and superior service. Northport’s reputation was built on our drive to ensure our customers’ success — and we do that through tightly managed logistics and superior communication.




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Northport Fisheries works directly with the fishermen on boats. We foster strong relationships with some of the best fishermen and producers in Alaska and throughout the Pacific Northwest. By following the runs throughout the season to obtain the best pricing and by using custom-processing facilities, we can offer both high quality and value.

Integrity is one of the company’s most important values, which means Northport will never compromise its high standards just to get better pricing. We guarantee to our customers that we will deliver the — Best Quality at Every Price Point.



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Whether it’s for fresh or frozen seafood orders, the Northport team tracks every shipping detail and makes that information available to the customer. At any given point, we know exactly where every pound of fish is — and we keep our customers informed with continuous updates until their orders arrive.

Our customer service philosophy centers on the belief that our customers deserve continuous access to information. That means the Northport team is available at any time via email, phone or text messaging. And we communicate proactively should any delays arise.





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Northport Fisheries understands how the market drives retail promotions and restaurant menus. To help our customers plan ahead for a successful season, we provide regular market updates — even before the season begins.

We communicate regularly with regulatory agencies and fishermen to understand the supply and the changes of every season. The Northport team stays informed about the upcoming opening dates, fisheries, quotas and market pricing.

Our exclusive Market Reports are provided to customers well in advance so they can anticipate product availability. The complexities of the fish runs, river systems and other production factors may be challenging to navigate. We take the uncertainty out of the seasonal dynamics by providing customers with marketing tools and by continuously updating the information.



Quality Guarantee

Founded in 1993, Northport Fisheries is headquartered in Snohomish, Washington. Our team is passionate about sustainable fishing practices and ensuring our customers’ success.

Prior to launching the company, founder Keith Goodnight was a 15-year industry veteran who was deeply knowledgeable in all facets of distribution and processing. Even during those early days of the Northport Fisheries, he understood the importance of timely and quality information. Northport was at the forefront of providing market data so customers could plan their seafood promotions and advertisements.

That mission of consistent communication has remained at the core of the company as our operations have evolved through the years to stay abreast of new technologies. And we continue to innovate and adopt new tools — so we can deliver the best seafood the Pacific North has to offer, along with the best customer experience in the industry.


Our Mission

Exceptional seafood. Timely information. Superior service.

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Our Mission

Provide each customer with exceptional seafood, timely information and superior service.

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